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Determining the value of your vehicle can be tricky, as there are many factors to take into account. While there are online tools that can assist you in assigning your car a fair value, AUTOBUY offers a number of advantages in evaluating your car’s worth.

AUTOBUY offers free, fast, and certified appraisals through our professional associates. These evaluations can take as little as 20 minutes, and if we determine that your used car is one that we would like to buy, we will extend you an offer that lasts 5 days. You can determine the worth of your car and have cash in your pocket in under an hour, and we don’t discount the value of your car.


AUTOBUYTM offers many things that our competitors don’t:

1. Fast, Certified, & Free Appraisals:

Once you bring your vehicle to an AUTOBUY location, a certified appraiser will begin your vehicles appraisal. The appraisal process normally takes no more than 20 minutes and an offer will immediately be presented to you following the completion of the appraisal.

2. Appraisals Are Good for Five Days:

We understand that the decision to sell your car is a big one and that you may need a little time to make the decision. The appraisal offer we present to you is valid for 5 days to give you time to think it over as well as compare offers from our competitors.

3. Instant Cash In Hand:

AUTOBUY strives to make you the best offer possible on your quality pre-owned vehicle. If you are in need of quick cash, once you get your car appraised, you can sell it right there on the spot for cash!

4. Maximum Amount For Your Vehicle:

The appraisal process at AUTOBUY is completely free and you are not under any obligation to sell your vehicle to us. However, if you are looking to get the maximum amount for your quality pre-owned vehicle then sell it to AUTOBUY!